1886 Malt House Celebrates Grand Opening

1886 Malt House celebrated the official grand opening of its 40,000-square foot malted grains production facility. The facility, which began construction more than one year ago, is equipped with the latest in malting technology, and supported by proven systems and personnel to ensure the reliable and consistent production of the highest quality malt. At full production rate, the facility is expected to supply 60 tons of malt per week, or 2,000 tons of malt annually, making it one of the largest craft malting facilities in the United States.

“Our goal was to construct one of premier craft malted grains production facilities in the country,” said Noel McCarthy, malt operations manager, 1886 Malt House. “And we’ve absolutely met that goal. This facility features the latest in malt production technology, a fully-equipped malt lab to help ensure consistently high-quality malt, and, most importantly, an expert team dedicated to meeting the needs of farm and craft brewers across the state.”

Central New York dignitaries, grain grower partners, regional brewers and craft brewing association members, construction management teams, and members of 1886 Malt House team, celebrated the grand opening with a presentation, plant tours, and luncheon held at the facility on November 2, 2017. In April 2017, as the plant was being constructed, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer called the 1886 Malt House a “critical Link” in meeting the malt needs of New York State craft breweries and distilleries.

United States Senator for New York Kirsten Gillibrand echoed Senator Schumer’s remarks, saying “I’m very pleased that New York’s brewing and distilling industries are continuing to expand, and I am proud to support them on the Senate Agriculture Committee. Malting barley is one of the fastest-growing parts of New York’s farm economy, and I will continue to do everything I can to make sure New York’s farmers, brewers, and distillers have the resources they need to sell their high-quality made-in-New York products around the country and all over the world.”

With production now started, 1886 Malt House will be ready to begin sales and shipment of its malt products to brewers and distilleries across New York State and beyond in November. 1886 Malt House will initially feature four malt products for sales, and will continue to increase the breadth of their malt product portfolio to more than a dozen over the next 12 months.

Working in 1886 Malt House favor is a 2012 New York State law that requires that an escalating percentage of New York grown and produced ingredients, including hops and malt, be used by the more than 120 breweries and 90 distilleries that carry the “farm” designation. In total, New York currently has over 300 active breweries and over 140 active distilleries. Currently, the growing demand for craft malt has outpaced the growth of the New York State malt supply. The 1886 Malt House will play a critical role in supplying product to meet this increasing demand.

As part of the grand opening, 1886 Malt House announced that they will hold “Brewer Tours” beginning in mid-November. Regional brewers are invited to contact the 1886 Malt House to participate in tours of the state-of-the-art malt production facility, learn about the malting process, tour the in-house malt lab, review the product portfolio, and sign up for an e-commerce account. Tours will be held on Monday afternoons from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. beginning November 13 and running through December 18.
“The 1886 Malt House seeks to distinguish itself across New York State as the producer of the highest quality, most consistent malt in the industry. We will achieve this by working with some of New York’s best small grain growers, by maintaining a full service, in-house American Society of Brewing Chemists malt lab, and by promoting a passion for quality grain equal to that of our artisan beverage partners,” McCarthy said.

Construction of 1886 Malt House was made possible, in part, through the pledge of a $700,000 Central New York Regional Economic Development Grant as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $1.5 Billion Upstate Revitalization Initiative announced in late 2015.

For more information about the 1886 Malt House visit 1886malt.com; call 315-236-0850; or e-mail noel@1886malt.com.